“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

This quote is believed to be spoken by Henry Ford, although there is no actual proof that he ever did say these words, however, this quote perfectly matches our goals as a company.

The quote displays the creative vision of “non-traditional” thinkers. It takes non-traditional thinking to enable the future generation. Our vision is to enable the future generation of creators, and therefore we have to think non-traditionally. Villa Nørd uses a collaborative and innovative way of creating by giving the creators the freedom to create how they want and providing them with opportunities at the same time. Simply said; our main activity is to enable those with a creative vision to create.

If you’re familiar with the creative industry there’s two powers at play here; Big production houses trying to beat each other to the best clients, and freelancers trying to make a living off of their craft.

We present another solution; Villa Nørd. A creative hub where freelancers can come together and, well, create. This collaborative space also provides you with opportunities to create. Villa Nørd takes assignments from companies and individuals, then distributes those assignments to the creators in our creative hub. Any of these freelancers can then freely choose to take an assignment or not. We create opportunities for creators to create, and we create the opportunity for creators to share knowledge and learn from others; the best of both worlds.