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By December 10, 2019VIDEO

An Intro to Creativity

When Anne approached us for this project we knew that it could be the start of a great collaboration. From the way she described her vision of her Youtube channel to the actualisation of this Intro, it all fit. Our goal with Villa Nørd is to help empower creatives in this under represented market segment. And this project is a start towards that common future goal. We discussed multiple possibilities of furthering our partnership into creating online series for her channel that fit with her vision. Both Anne & Linn (her producer), are excited to see this come to fruition. Therefore this intro will be the kickstart to our creative collaboration. 



Anne Kuntz


Antoine Cedric (Video / Concept)
Linn Reinink (Concept / Producer)
Anne Kuntz (Creative)

What We Did

Concepting, shooting & editing

Creating on a budget

As this intro was going to be part of the first ever video on her channel the budget for this video was low. Therefore we had to find other solutions that allowed us to be creative, while also keeping things low budget. The budget mostly went into renting camera equipment. We had the privilege of using a studio space provided by Spraakmakend. Things like the white background, the beamer and most of the decoration was already available at location, this allowed us to keep everything low budget.

The backgrounds were created by Linn (Anne’s Producer), together we worked on the concept and she created the fitting visuals. The concept for this shoot was combining “the four worlds of Anne” into one visual identity;

The four worlds are; “Seek” (Lifestyle, health, etc), “Look” (Inspiration, talents, entrepreneurship), “Vibe” (Chilling, easy-going, etc.), “Light” (Bright, Popping, Productivity, etc). Each of these worlds were transformed into background visuals by Linn, and then transformed to cinematic visuals by Antoine. These were then transformed into the 10 second intro you can view above. We hope you like this small intro to this future collaboration!


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